I love "ombre" hair color....just not for your wedding. / by Wigbar

I'm on an airplane headed to Los Angeles. The girl in front of Me has an incredible ombre hair color. I couldn't help over hear her say she's heading to LA....FOR HER WEDDING!
So I felt inspired to write this post..
First of all, I love ombre.  It's fun and you can do tons of amazing colors with it. Not to mention it's steady climb in the fashion scene.
Some of my fav looks over the last 2 years have incorporated hombre hair color. 

HOWEVER....Skip it for your wedding girl!!. Remember the days of big bangs with a gallon of Aqua Net and crimped hair burnt to a crisp?
We all did it. But can you imagine if you had done it for your wedding and 20 years later showed your kids your wedding pictures!? I'm not generally a traditional type of guy. I mean I'm gay and I live in NYC.  However, I feel wedding pics should be somewhat traditional even with an edge.
Believe it or not these styles were HOT at one time.

check out these disaster hair styles on grandparents.com byKristen Sturt

For a nice archive of fantastic wedding images check out "The knot" (Theknot.com) they have an amazing collection of great wedding styles. Click here

Werk it out girl.

by Isaac and Matt