Five most asked questions about hair extensions / by Isaac Davids

WIth close to twenty years of experience in the art of hair extensions, we’ve decided to put together a list of the top 5 questions or "myths" about hair extensions.

1. “Will hair extensions will damage my hair?”
This is the number one question asked by our clients. The answer is simple.
Hair extensions will not damage your hair if the stylist is experienced. A variety of methods exist which are suited for different needs. It is not a one size fits all world. Your stylist should be able to determine which will best suit you, depending on hair type and style.

2. “Is the hair from dead people?”
No! Human hair is most often imported from Russia and/or India, from which individuals sell or donate their hair. The alternative to human hair is protein based synthetic hair, which which is heat resistant and able to withstand curling irons and flat-irons.
Any stylist who's properly trained in the art of hair extensions will use top quality cuticle hair or top quality synthetics which result in a natural and flawless blend.
I personally prefer human hair for long-term hair extensions and protein based synthetic hair for clip in or "temporary extensions."

3. “Will hair extensions match my texture and color?”
Again it depends on the experience of the hairdresser. We actually custom blend hair colors and textures on location to match your color and texture exactly. Using the age old tool "the hackle" we can customize color and texture so close that the match is undetectable. We don't purchase "stock color blends or textures" We believe each clients look should be hand blended for the ultimate match.

4. “Will my hair grow with extensions?”
People ask this all the time. The answer is yes it grows.
In my experience, I’ve found it’s actually a great way to grow your hair out. This myth comes from people who have had hair extensions added in by someone not properly trained which can damage and cause the hair to break off, giving the impression that the growth is affected.

5. “Will hair extensions look "fake"?”
Sounds like an obvious question, however we get asked this almost daily. Again it goes back to who is doing the service what is the desired look. Key factors in natural looking hair extensions are, proper and custom color/texture match, application best suited for your hair type, proper installation and cut/style.
All of these are factors in natural looking hair extensions. However, in my opinion, the number one factor to blame for unnatural extensions is not having them cut and styled properly. There are specific techniques to cutting and styling extensions that the experienced hairdresser must apply for a flawless blend.
That said, some clients seek a less natural look adding color and textures to their hair with streaks or single dreadlocks for example. This, of course, is still recommended to be done by a professional so it looks tasteful and skillfully executed.

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