Molly Crabapple "The Shell Game" gallery show / by HipstaLip

Last weekend Wigbar was excited to take part in Molly Crabapple’s most recent gallery show “The Shell Game”. An opening night packed room was gathered to catch the first sight of Molly’s amazing artwork inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, the austerity measures in Greece, the mortgage bubble and the healthcare crisis. Rendered with a colorful and twisted circus like storybook quality, the work seems wildly cheerful but on closer examination the dark undertones reveal. Representing Wigbar was a pink Marie Antoinette wig decorated to represent Zuccotti Park and the 99% protesters, topped with the park sculpture “Joie de Vivre” all made out of hair and crowning adult film star Stoya, who was wearing diamond pasties, soaking in a tub full of Crabapple’s Million dollar money. Don’t miss this awesome exhibit up until April 20th. It’s why we love New York...!!!